Saturday, September 4, 2010


             And there goes the siren that acts as theremote control of so many man machines..Oh| What a life to be controlled by whistles.! No use feeling remorseful. You have to get started  with your work and there you go! Switch the machine on, clean  tue fixture, load the job,engage the tracer (tut-a-tut),and your job is being machined.
             A routine life and a monotonous one at that, controlled by whistles and asked to work under compulsion. Otherwise no one is likely to work. You have seen people come running to punch in time.If that compulsion is not there  and if one is not the rational thinking type  many will not be coming in time..Look , how many of the nonpunching staff, the executives come leisurely in. The persons who are supposed to set goals themselves areshortsighted. To top it all everyone talks about indiscipline at all levels.
             The feed appears to be too much; reduce it. Yes and now, thinking of  indiscpline-- what is the cause? I have a theory. There is induction in three levels, artisan supervisor and executive. Who are the people? All with similar background, socially culturally economically , and in the same age group ,.
             And what is the essential difference? A few years of academic study.And what a great leap that makes.! Intelligent industrious but unfortunate young men on one hand; average or even below average in all spheres but more fortunate  young men on the other hand occupying positions in the higher rung. Both the groups are young  inexperienced immature and hot in blood. Now how does discipline come to be the casualty here? One small example;The artisans problems or doubts  do not get solved as neither the supervisor nor the executive is in any better position, to solve it for the above said causes. What is not possible for the artisan remains mostly not possible at all levels,  withthe only difference being in the languages and jargons expressed. And so it happens that people working in heirarchy do not have the respect or esteem from the men below. "OH! heis no better than me" -or the people above are not able to lead. "Oh! I might
cut a sorry figure" But positional  strengths are equated by group and number strengths and so it goes on.The subordinate employee  knows this but he does not show it. .He needs the  patronage of his superiors for the fringe benefits he could get likeexcuses for  late attendance permission to go early  overtime benefits etc etc  The superior also keeps the subordinates in leash and control through these fringe benefits. The respect and regard for the leader is not there.only submission to the commander is there. From where can one expect  inherent discipline?
             These may be debatable points..But out of such debates if something good happens  the purpose will be served. And there can be one more point where a lot of steam can be vented out..Promotions!. Whoever has got the idea of time bound promotions?When are you due for a promotion? Is it not a funny question?Are promotions to be earned or given at set intervals?When it is given at particular intervals  where is the motivation to perform better?
             The job on the machine is over. Remove the part clean the fixture ,load another engage the tracer(tut-a-tut) Aye! wait! Why not go for a smoke? You can make up for the time.A friend is there always to give you company. What subject to talk about? Why  everything under the sun.What do you feel about idol worshipping? Particularly  no comments! It cannot be discussed.No discussions can be there on subjects where conclusions cannot be reached.But personnally even if I  donot worship idols  I can not  take objection to people worshipping. What is worshipping and who is worshipping whom? Simple! The worshipper wants
the liberation of his soul and peace of mind. Who could liberate his soul? Himself  he himself. One should worship  oneself  for salvation.. Absurd it might look but that  is how I have understood various teachings.
 Every idol in fact is meant to represent  oneself  and in offering a flower fruit or any form of sacrifice, the symbolism is meant to reveal the fact that the subject and the object are one and the same in the act of worship The idol in reality is to be looked upon as a subtle form of  mental equation between the self within and self without.If this worship is understood to be an equation between the two aspects of the self , the seeker and the sought , the subjective and the objective,  one can sit in front of the mirror and say ,"thou art that" and ones own image on the mirror can well serve  as the necessary idol. But this is too much for us. Let those who worship idols continue so and those  who do not ,,let them not.!

                                                                                                                 - to be continued-



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  1. The superior also keeps the subordinates in leash and control through these fringe benefits. //

    I agree with you. It is the most effective tool in the hands of an insecure Manager. He gets respect not because he is more knowledgeable or more talented but he has the power to distribute these fringe benefits.