Sunday, September 5, 2010


           Smoking has taken too much of a time. So what? We were not only smoking. Come on engage the tracer(tut-a-tut).and there goes you second part. By the by  how many should be completed in this shift? Seven. Oh! that is all!
           Think about smoking. Why should you? You think you are educated, know yourself, and boast that you can think rationally, but still what you do? You read the statutory warning, " smoking is injurious to health" and still without a thought, you pull out and puff. Puff to death? Oh! no! Do all the people who smoke die of that? But why do you want to smoke? Are you addicted? No! Then why dont you stop that habit? Oh, the little pleasure and a small tickle on the nerves,-  should you forgo that? After all one day you have to kick your bucket and why forgo small pleasures. Oh! how incorrigible. Who can correct such people? It is not only for you that you live. You have some people behind you , depend on you. Oh! come on ,no excuse..You dont have the will to stop smoking. Who said that? I shall stop smoking right from now and that is a challenge .You can go on thinking and challenging and
 your  job is completed.            
                 Seeing whether the job is completed is the only mental work. The rest are mechanical.Remove the part , clean the fixture, load again, engage the tracer( tut-a-tut) that is it. All mechanical and rather monotonous. The other day  some one was telling, that is not monotonous .Jobs in general electrics or ford motors in USA there it is.. Monotony is not in the job you do.. The environments and the hopeless routine work you do make you disgusted.
No one seems to understand and hence no use complaining also. People who work have to continue working and those who dont will be rewarded in order to make them work! What an ironic situation! Once you have put on the act of a dog ,you have to bark, and bark you well. That is all. The job is over.
           Panch shila was propagated at the Bandung conference. That is a different panchshila fromthe one learnt by us. .Punch in , coffee break , lunch break, tea break, and punch out. Real panch shila practiced in letter and spirit .With all the breaks etc the job should be completed,Ok?
           Here comes the boss. Is he going to ask any question ? No! He expects a salute. Yes ! Does he deserve it?
 Respect and regards can not be just bought. They are to be given and taken. Just  because he is the boss , does he deserve a salute? Oh ! come, wish him and be done with it. Are there any points on which you  never question? And dont  start justifying every action of yours.  Coming to think of,   how many bosses are there? Too many of them endlessly trying to find out  reasons  why production is not picking up .Too many of them doing the same  functions and always only the other man is at fault..
          Really why production is not picking up.No cash flow no raw materials et al are the reasons.. Still at the end of the year, you hear  we have achieved the targets,.  All know that more than 40% of the targets are  achieved during the last quarter of the year. During the rest of the months, work load is seen only during the month end. The inference  clearly is , we are able to get cash flow materials et al  during the month ends and year ends.and we achieve the targets working at an efficiency level, God alone knows what. And we boast of having any number of  highly qualified experts getting exploited in resource management. My theory  on the indiscipline front and the status in productivity--- What is the myth just getting exploded. We will debate it.
          Where is the trouble exactly? Is it on the governmental level  corporate level  unit level? Who is responsible? The corporate executives  first line officers   the supervisors  or the workers? Where is the bottle neck? Yes  ,the answer  seems to lie in the BOTTLE NECKS,! Got it ?
           The immediate boss is here at the end of the days  work asking me what I have done..Oh gosh 1  eight pieces in place of seven expected. Not even a smile of appreciation. Does it matter ?The remote control is just hooting and what a welcome siren.    



  1. appa tamil onnum purila but eight hours thing was god..

  2. Here comes the boss. Is he going to ask any question ? No! He expects a salute. Yes ! Does he deserve it?//

    Who cares whether he deserves the salute or not. If it could keep him happy that's enough!!