Thursday, September 2, 2010


           The country is undergoing a sea change. New economic policies are announced, and many are on the anvil. Lots of talks go on about how the country has prospered and how it aims to become a super power.
            For senior citizens like me ,the progress seen is visible. A few days back the improvements  had been listed in a newspaper , like the average age and life expectancy, reduction in infant mortality rate, higher percentage of literates.better life styles etc etc .Also listed  was the higher population  growth, which seems to nullify  the better effects. A poor man remains a poor man even though  comparitively he might be enjoying a little better  life style, than his forefathers. The gap between the affluent and the poor is increasing. This gap is so much that it results in  a lot of disenchantment in the minds of the majority poor.This is getting manifested  in the behaviour pattern of the youth.
           Let us try to reason it out. All human beings are born same.The differances are they are born in different families ( very poor, poor,middle class,-there also lower middle and upper- and rich.) A child is born in a poor family or a child is born ina rich family and the child is not responsible for it. You may satisfy yourself
by saying it is the PRARABDHA KARMA.of the child. But that does not hold water in the minds of the children born.Their upbringing is entirely different and for that also the children are not responsible. A poor child does not get proper food ,clothes, education and other facilities  which the children of the rich enjoy. But one common factor is that both the types of children grow up in age and face life in totally different ways. But this anamoly  is faced by the poor children more.For no fault of him/her the poor has to face life grimly, trying to make both ends meet , whereas the rich and affluent grow up in an entirely different atmosphere.
             This leads the suppressed emotions of the poor being given vent in their violent and unruly  behaviour,at the slightest opportunity to show discontent. And there are any number of opportunities  presented in a platter to show  discontent. There are any number of people riding on the discontent of the poor, for their own benefits, and these poor gullible people are not able to  distinguish and understand the
machinations of the netas.
         Buses are burnt, shops are damaged ,stones are pelted ,resulting in lots of damage to property  and lives. The pent up emotions  of the already disgruntled youth  are further fuelled by the netas with delicate subjects like the caste ,creed , language ,religion etc where passions cah be easily roused.
         Where does the remedy lie? We hear a lot about right to food ,right to health ,right to education ,right to information  etc,But the resources for all these are being channelled through netas ,political netas because of which the means do not meet the ends. There is too much interference of the political bosses in effecting what good legislations promise..Accountability of the beauracrats is next to nothing, as they are pliable to the political bosses.
          The rich young should emphathise with his not so fortunate poor.The young should realise they are being manipulated and should not fall preyto the machinations of the netas. They should believe  only hard work will pay , and they should start aiming at the stars and they will surely reach at least the hree top.

பதிவுலகில் நான் ஆரம்பத்தில் எழுதிய ஆங்கிலப் பதிவு இது. இதில் எழுதியக் கருத்துக்களில் இன்றும் எனக்கு ஏதும் மாற்றம் இல்லை. அப்போது அது திரட்டிகளில் சேர்க்கப் படவில்லை. நானும் அறியப் படாதவனாக இருந்தேன். பதிவுகளில் முன்னூறு என்னும் இலக்கை தொட இருக்கிற இன்னேரம் இதை மீள் பதிவாக்குகிறேன்.

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